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About Me

I am glad you would like to know more about who I am. I would see myself as a very open minded, passionate,  empathic and caring person, who loves to travel and experience different cultures. I am happily married, working as a product manager for an international company in the construction industry and enjoy my time off with my family & friends.  I love hiking, running, spending time in our beautiful nature surrounding us and enjoy being part of two theatre clubs. I have been acting and gaining experience on stage since I am 6 years old.  Since 2020 I am a loving and proud mother of Felix. 



What my couples say about me

"Empathic, mindful, loving and authentic"
Nathalie & Mario

"Empathic, trustworthy, humorous, creative and above all lovable"
Franzi & Markus

"For sure authentic, very well organised, open for any wishes, we always remember those times very well and enjoy looking back"
Sabine & Rene

"We got to know Eva as a sympathetic, self-confident woman with an infectious smile. Eva has the talent to read between the lines and to put unspoken things into words and was therefore immediately our desired wedding speaker. With her experienced and humorous manner, Eva took away our nervousness and guided us through the preparation of our wedding ceremony.


We immediately felt comfortable and familiar with her. She has her heart in the right place and a sense of humor that immediately infected us, family and friends. She was able to get to know us so deeply and honestly in such a short time and take the opportunity to make our wedding ceremony our very personal and wonderful celebration of love."
Laurissa & Fabio


How I became an officiant 



One of my best friends was planning to get married and approached me with a very important question: "Would you want to be our officiant and do a wedding ceremony for us"? My answer was shortly after "Sure, why not". From that moment on, I knew this is something I would want to do professionally one day. 



This year was full of important decisions. In 2018 I did not only say yes to get married to my wonderful husband, I did as well decide to get specific education on how to professionally run a wedding ceremony / baby welcoming ceremony as well as funerals. My certificate is coming from the "Freie Redner Agency", led by Martin Lieske, a very experience officiant based in Germany.



After the year of important decisions, the year of important implementations arrived. We did get married at a beautiful spot in Austria and had our personal wedding ceromony and at the same time I have started my own business as an officiant.  


Listen to my voice and watch me in action



Eva Roth
6840 Götzis


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