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A wedding is always something special.
Wedding ceremonies with Eva are unique!


Theresa & Hannes.

"Eva designed our wedding ceremony and we were simply thrilled from the beginning. After the very pleasant first meeting, we didn't have to discuss it at all, we knew that it would be just perfect. The second conversation more than confirmed that. And how the wedding ceremony was finally arranged was simply fantastic.


Unbelievable what Eva has put together through the two conversations with us. And also otherwise, her ideas for the wedding, the accompaniment in the preparation - simply super. Too bad you only get married once ;-)"

Laurissa & Fabio.
Gstach. Rankweil

"The one that makes the difference! We were allowed to get to know Eva in personal conversations and we liked her immediately. Telling her our story was very easy for us because of her very open, warm-hearted and humorous manner. The preparations with her were always a lot of fun and laughter for both of us. :-)

She arranged and accompanied our wedding ceremony with her choice of words, a lot of humour but also sensitivity (in exactly the right places), which some of us confirmed with one or the other tear of joy or a lot of hearty laughter. You gave us all priceless memories, for that we are so grateful! Thank you Eva for putting so much love into words and making our day something unforgettable."

Lisa & Marco.
Blumen Kopf. Frastanz

"Our wedding ceremony was beautiful - thanks to Eva. We were 100% satisfied and our guests also raved about her great speech. Eva is reliable, is available with advice and action and you just feel comfortable with her.


We would marry like this again anytime and can only recommend her with full conviction to everyone who wants to have an unforgettable, beautiful and unique wedding ceremony.


THANK YOU, Eva <3 <3" 

Sabine & Rene.
Bangshof. Liechtenstein

"Very early on we decided to have a free wedding ceremony and at the same time we got to know Eva. Right after the first contact we knew that she would make our wedding even more personal with her loving nature.


Dear Eva, we would like to thank you once again for your warm support and beautiful wedding ceremony and hope that many more couples will find their way to you."

Clarice and Tom.
Höferspitze. Bregenzerwald

Eva was absolutely incredible to work with from start to finish. We are based in England and planned our elopment to Austria during the pandemic which could be a bit stressful at times but Eva was completely understanding and supportive, offering to help in any way possible and oing above and beyond. She took time to really get to know my husband and I and this really cam through in our ceremony which was full of warmth and love and completely captured our story. Thank you Eva for hiking up a mountain with us at 3:30 am and being a big part of our most special day, we couldn't have imagined doing it without you!

Michaela Schedlbauer-Zippusch
Austrian Convention Buerau

Dear Eva, thank you very much for your extremely successful speech. I was especially impressed by your professional preparation with a feeling for details and how you conjured up an incredibly creative, heartfelt and humorous speech with a lot of emotion from the information you collected. We will be very happy to recommend you.

Gerhard Stübe.
Kongresskultur Bregenz

"The Association of the Austrian Conference Industry - ACB - commissioned Eva Roth to give a speech on the occasion of the farewell of its president. Admirable was not only how she transformed the requested information about the person into a dramaturgically prepared speech, but also the presentation of this in front of 200 enthusiastic listeners in the beautiful ambience of the Montforthaus in Feldkirch. Many thanks again and we will be happy to come back!"

Petra, Christian & Haley.
Mohren Rankweil

"Eva accompanied the welcoming ceremony of our daughter for us. During our first conversation Eva was immediately sympathetic to us and she supported us with valuable tips and suggestions for the design of the celebration. The speech was personal and written with a lot of feeling, but also lightened up with a portion of humor at the right moments. She brought a tear to the face of some guests and also us with her touching speech and helped to make this day very special for us and our daughter."

Silke & Manuel
Wedding Ceremony. Birnauer Oberhof 

Choosing Eva as our wedding speaker for our free wedding ceremony was exactly the right decision and we would do it again and again. Therefore, we really recommend her wholeheartedly! It should be briefly mentioned that our wedding ceremony planned for April 2020 could not take place, and unfortunately not on our two alternate dates in 2020 and 2021. therefore, the free wedding ceremony unfortunately never took place - but that did not stop Eva from making us an insanely great surprise and record the speech as an audio file and send it to our witnesses! Therefore, our evaluation refers to the preparation time, the contact in general and just the audio wedding - about a live wedding we can unfortunately not make a statement but I am 1000% sure that this would have been really beautiful! Because who can already arouse emotions in an audio wedding (tears of joy, grins, laughter) - that can definitely also live, with guests, etc.. So really hats off, Eva, to such an action belongs not only creativity, passion and joy in the job but also courage and flexibility! And such a surprise is definitely not a matter of course!


And briefly about our experience: The contact with Eva was very warm and open from the very first moment, we immediately felt a connection. We had no inhibitions about telling Eva about our story and us as a couple. We felt really well "taken care of" and just knew: this will be great, Eva will have everything under control and we can relax on the day of the wedding. Eva also had a lot of great ideas for the implementation which was very helpful for us because we had a rough but not a very exact idea of our free wedding ceremony. On the one hand, we are really sad that the wedding ceremony and celebration could never take place as planned, but we are happy that we had chosen Eva as our wedding speaker - on the one hand because it would have been a wonderful wedding with her and on the other hand because, despite everything, we ultimately had a very special and unique "wedding" through Eva, which we will never forget and which thus perfectly suited our somewhat different wedding. For the surprise and your commitment we are incredibly grateful and very touched!!! Thank you for everything dear Eva, keep it up, just be yourself because this way you will make many more couples happy and give them an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Let's create unique memories together!



Eva Roth
6840 Götzis


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