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Wedding renewal

Congratulations you have been married for few or many years already! It´s time to renew your vows and celebrate your love once more. No matter if you want to do a destination wedding renewal, a sunrise wedding ceremony or a renewal of your vows at a very special location! I am ready to start preparing an unforgettable ceremony together with you! 

Every single ceremony is as unique as you are! You will decide if it should be funny, serious, disclosed, romantic, easy going, and so on. I will make sure that it is actually a good mix of all what you would want it to be. But you can trust me, it will always be authentic and just the way you are! 

The two of us is all we need


4 easy steps to your unique wedding renewal

Let me know when (date, approx. time) & where you would like to have your wedding ceremony! 

1. Let´s meet to get to know each other

This is the perfect moment to get to know me in person and to talk about your wedding ceremony ideas and outline a potential procedure for the very first time together. No worries, you don`t need to prepare anything - I have a lot of ideas to share.  

3. Second meetup 

This is when we review the finalized procedure together and I will get to know you even better - to be able to best represent you just the way you are in the ceremony! This is the kickoff for me to write your personal wedding ceremony and to make sure we have all we need for your big day!  

4. It´s your wedding day! Enjoy your wedding cermony! 

This is the moment we all (and you especially) have been waiting for! So make sure you enjoy it from the very first moment!  I am always really looking forward to this very special moment!

Looking forward to celebrating your love once more!



Eva Roth
6840 Götzis


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